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(Muscle Relaxing Injections)

BOTOX temporarily blocks the nerve endings to the facial muscles, causing them to relax. By reducing muscles movement, creasing is prevented and the skin is allowed to recover, causing fine lines and wrinkles to soften and fade away.

The treatment involves injecting very small doses of BOTOX via an extremely fine needle into the appropriate area. The procedure takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes and results can last for 3 to 4 months, sometimes longer after several treatments.

Treatments from £250.

This treatment is used for:

BOTOX to treat Hyperhidrosis

At Phoenix Treatment Centre we treat Hyperhidrosis with the use of BOTOX injections. Small doses are injected into the skin in the worst affected areas. BOTOX blocks the action of the nerves that supply the sweat glands, therefore preventing them from producing sweat.

Treatment will block the nerve endings completely for 6 - 12 weeks. After this new nerve endings will start to grow, a process taking several months that will eventually require further treatment. Treatments take approximately 30 minutes and patients can expect to see improvements lasting approximately 7 months.

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